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Always playing a werewolf that becomes a terrifying beast? Always having to rip people apart? Not anymore yo, play as Oliver, a simple werewolf by night, who by morning probably has a part-time job to go to. He's just doing his thing.

W, A, S, D to move around, use space to jump (and skip the intro cutscene). Hold the right mouse button down to move the camera, use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Near certain buildings hold space to allow Oliver to automatically scale the building, some buildings are easier to climb than others - but Oliver will not climb the buildings that have been so nice as to allow him access into them. Did you know there are some buildings you can enter?

Music: Jack Milgate

Unity Store Assets:

- Clock, Vis Games

- Nature Starter Kit 2

- Sky5X One, RKD

- BG Curve, Banshee Gz

Everything else is T-Dog eXtreme! BOOYAH!

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  • Twitter: @tdogextreme
  • Insta: @tdogextreme
  • Tumblr: t-dogextreme.tumblr.com


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Werewolves denied hotdogs? I will not stand for this injustice.

This game needs a lot of work... the art style in the comic played at the beginning was amazing but the game had a lot wrong with it, the textures and fur didnt look so good and the way oliver was running and walking looked wrong, the camera angles were weird at times

Yeah, i made this game a while ago, and the whole thing taught me a lot about making games. I was actually thinking of eventually redoing the whole game, with like a more consistent art style, better camera, all that. It'd be a new and entirely separate thing. 

Do you think that'd be a good idea? 

yes! :)


I like the concept of playing as a "Good Werewolf" and it's cool to see it in execution, but even then, I think you should improve a lot, this one haves lots of potential but running around the city and not being abble to do anything it's kinda...boring, you should try adding more to this game, like Maybe a few enemies and a health bar? it's a good werewolf so I don't think everybody will like him, I see already "No werewolf allowed" Signs, why not try to make openly hostile enemies from that concept? you've got a nice concept in here, you need to work it more, I love werewolves

Interesting concept! :)