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'I envy anyone who can't relate to this game.'

You are a sad Ghost who has somehow ended up with half a heart, a real bummer. You need to find the other half in order to fix this mess you've probably gotten yourself in if we're being honest. 

But where has your heart gone? How are you supposed to find it? How could you have lost something that was so crucial to your identity? Nerd.

These are all difficult questions that we can elect to ignore in favor on focuses on the trivial tasks that appear, because these surely will help Ghost find their heart. Right?

FORESHADOWING ALERT: Belly lint and teeth are in fact key items in the game.

-Look forward to patting DOGS!-



The game was featured at GCAP 2018, where hundreds of students from all over the Asian and Oceanic regions applied, and it was also displayed at ACMI in Melbourne.

Most recently, Symposium of Grief was nominated for Best Narrative Design and Best Student Game, at Melbourne’s Freeplay Awards 2019.

It was presented at Casual Connect Europe 2019 in London, and was a nominee for the Indie Prize Awards.

It featured in the Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2019.

It also featured at the Indie Showcase at NZGDC 2019.

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Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
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AuthorT-Dog eXtreme
Tags2D, Black and White, Comedy, Funny, ghost, Narrative, Pixel Art, relationship, Singleplayer, vintage


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wow, i don't even know where to start, this whole ride was fantastic! 

all the art and sprites look unique and lovely, i love the game design + mechanisms and even though this revolved around deep and touching topics, the comedy still hits right! plus the interactions with familiars are so precious asdcjasdjnfm

and the soundtrack, GOD the soundtrack 😫 it suits the atmosphere and theme so well!!

dude thank u sm for this <33

i first played this probably 2-3 years ago and i still think about it once a month tbh. thank you so much for it

fucking loved it.  no other words are needed. 


I hate the fact that this game is just blatantly underrated. This game made me feel emotions, damn! It made me laugh, it made me love, it made me smile, it made me cry. We really need more games like this. It's so edgy and cute, I love it! Thank you so much for making this game!


I made an account just to let you know this game is fucking amazing and I love you. thanks for making it. it's real funny and good and I'm gonna tell all my friends. I wish we could hang out in person so I could tell you how great your game is and buy you a snack. You've really made me happy with this game about something so sad. Thanks again, have a good day :)

i feel stupid but I use directional buttons and space bar. I go around town and I cant interact with anyone. I try to spacebar my mailbox and nothing. is there something wrong or am I not doing something right?

E is the interact button for non-door related objects! 


T-Dog! Didn't see you round Pax or Megadev this year but I think I walked past you and ya pal tonight near Duke's and all your work came flooding back! I hope you're doing gr8 d00d, excited to see more of your work in the future. Still holding onto your business card after all this time!

Hey! I'm sure I remember you but this name does not tell me at all who u r lmao

Sorry I didn't get to say hey tho! 


hey you made me cry


this is genuinely so touching


oh, your comment about my comment being touching is also touching,, we have created the best positive feedback loop